Oriental Weavers Hospitality offers a variety of different qualities for custom rugs. The craftsmanship of the art work created at Oriental Weavers Hospitality is developed over time and through relationships with our customers and the global brands we serve.


The construction of area rugs, though technical, is a key element in curating a custom design.

Custom Axminster


Machine woven, 4-meter wide goods, up to 16 colors. Woven using 80% wool and 20% nylon. Design from a range of 422 standard colors, plus a specially curated range of 54 new neutral shades, 12 high luster mineral tones for accenting and 6 barber pole/stripple yarns for added detailing. 100% nylon Axminster available upon request.

Custom Luxury Axminster


Machine woven, 4-meter wide goods, available in 7-12 row quality, with a higher, denser pile height; 12mm - 16mm. This product can also be hand-carved. 100% nylon also available upon request. Add Luxury Axminster area rugs to a corridor or public space order to emulate Hand-Tufted construction at a budget friendly price.

Custom Demi Weave


Machine woven, creating the look and feel of a flat weave product, up to 4mm pile height. This construction is suited to area rug format and is manufactured in 10 row only. This product can be edged with fringe on two ends or a cotton tape finish. Kibby samples produced in the USA.

Custom Hand-Tufted


Hand made by skilled artisans using a tufting gun. 100% New Zealand wool construction, in OW450, 550, or 650 lb. weights. We have the ability to add silk or viscose yarn for added detailing. A wide variety of techniques possible in this medium including, cut, loop, carving, sculpting, tip shearing or any combination.

Custom Hand-Carved/Sculpting


The cutting, carving and sculpting of line work in a Hand-Tufted, Axminster, or Printed carpet is achieved during the finishing process. To create texture, dimension and visual interest to the bespoke product, giving the rug an enhanced, unique, luxurious finish.

Custom Chromojet


Chromojet High Definition Printing on 8th and 10th gage, 4-meter-wide, tufted greige base. Samples take 2-3 weeks to manufacture. Carving is available for added detailing. Also available in 100% nylon or wool blend.

Custom Luxehold


LuxeHold, the ultimate in rug padding, offers cushioned comfort and protection for both your rug and your floor. Recommended for hard surface rug application.

Custom All-N-One


All-N-One rug padding features proprietary thin needlepunch construction. Rug pad can be flipped for hard and soft surface rug applications.

Custom Ultragrip


Ultragrip rug padding utilizes cushioned polymer coated polyester for soft cushioning and non-slip protection. Recommended for hard surface rug application